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How to use Instagram through Facebook?

How to use Instagram through Facebook?

Nowadays Facebook and Instagram go hand in hand. You can link your Instagram and Facebook accounts using the Instagram app and doing this will allow you to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram and also post directly to both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. This makes the work easier if you want to promote something you can post it on both the platforms at the same time. For detailed information about using Instagram through Facebook, you can directly call at the Facebook customer service number.

To use your Instagram account through Facebook, the following steps will be helpful:

  1. First, you need to log in to your Instagram account you can access the Instagram and make the required changes.
  2. Now, tap the profile button given in the person-shaped icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to go to your Instagram account.
  3. Tap the settings icon given in the top-right of the profile which will open the 'Options' menu.
  4. Next, tap the 'Linked Accounts' option under the settings subheading.
  5. Now tap the Facebook icon to move to the Facebook login page.
  6. Enter your Facebook email address and password to your Facebook account with Instagram.
  7. Now you want to get in touch with the Facebook app or log in with your phone and email. If you have selected to log in with the app then you can tap 'Open' to open the Facebook app.
  8. Select who can view your Instagram posts on Facebook from the drop-down menu. You can select any one of the privacy options such as public, friends, only me, acquaintances etc.
  9. Next, you have to press Ok and open Instagram if asked for.
  10. You can also enable your postcard on Facebook page will also be shown on your Facebook page. Tap 'Ok' to enable this feature or 'Not Now' if you do not want to allow dual-posting. You can unlink your account from Facebook by opening the Linked Accounts menu and tapping the 'Unlink' option.

If you are facing issues in Any linking your Instagram account to your Facebook you can touch the technical experts available at our side by making a call at Facebook contact support number. Also, the customer support service is available throughout the year by the professional experts.

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